Chef Noël Lelièvre

About Chef Noël Lelièvre

Originally from Gaspésie (Québec)Noël also specializes in regional cuisine. It has an excellent reputation nationally and internationally, representing - for example - New Brunswick at the Grand Prix Final 1991 culinary competition excellence in the country. His talents have been tested repeatedly with a CD-Rom of fine cuisine with Canadian cheese - a partnership with Dairy Farmers of Canada and CETA. With regional cuisine, Noël has developed a particular interest in pastry and especially the chocolate, which has also pushed to specialize through training in France and Italy.


Ingrédients : 1 oz of butter 3 tbs French shallots chopped brunoise style 8 oz white wine 10 oz de crème 35 % 3 oz sirop d’érable Sel, poivre et ciboulette hachée au gout 2 lb de moules

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Cream of Fiddle Head Soup

Ingredients: Butter or margarine 4 ounces Diced onion 1 Diced Celery 3 branches Fiddlehead 1 pound Diced potatoes 1 pound Chicken Stock 8 cups or 2 liters Salt & Pepper to taste 35% cream 1 cup (250ml)   Method: Sauté onion and celery in butter or oil until soft but not brown. Add fiddleheads and […]

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